VuPoint 35mm Slide & Negative Film Converter

Weak, Woot. Weak.

Has anyone ever used this thang?

In for 1 on a whim

is this thingy compatible with the Livestrong teakettle?



This is great for clearing out those old shoeboxes of film negatives. Make them digital in no time!


Does it work with Windows 7?

But at least it does single pass scanning, not like those cheap three pass scanners.

One review found…not looking good.

I’ve used a similar product, but ditched it 'cuz of Windows 7 incompatibility. If you’ve got an XP or Vista machine around it’s worth the 12.99 & shipping. Otherwise just pass…

$102 on Amazon.

Reviews show 3/5 Stars

Wow… slides… I haven’t seen those since… well, since I was just a whippersnapper sitting on my old uncle Burt’s lap - he was a “confirmed bachelor” you know… (well, not really - but it HAS been since the Farrah Fawcett haircut was all the rage!)

Skipping this one…

do these even work? I have lots of negatives bit…yeah

Have one. Love it. Converted hundreds of slides for online from the family.

I got this in the last woot-off for the same price - so far it has worked great for my dad’s old slides, and fairly decently for the one batch of photo negatives I tried.

As long as the slides are cleaned off well and the negatives aren’t scratched, the pictures are transfered beautifully.

One star on Amazon

A lot of negatives in here. Buy to convert into a rainbow of color and joy!

Maaaaan I am in the market for one of these 35mm converters, but this one looks kinda shoddy (1/5 stars on most Amazon reviews) :frowning: