VuPoint 4x6 Digital Photo Scanner

can this scan a 6x4?

I need one of these but want a really good picture reproduction. Is this the one?

What are the advantages of using a dedicated photo scanner like this as opposed to the scanner in a multifunction machine?

Don’t you hate when stuff is NOT Mac compatible? I do!

The description says it works with Macs with OS 10.5.

So it says it works up through Windows Vista… does that mean it won’t work with Windows 7?

if it comes with the Basenji, I’m in. Oh wait, it doesn’t…

You can feed them through instead of lifting the glass between photos. If you are doing a big job, this makes big difference.

Listed in Specs:

Minimum System Requirements:

Windows 2000, XP, Vista or 7; Mac OS 10.5 or higher

$68 to $89 over at nextag

Scan images with resolutions up to 300 dpi

That seems kinda low doesn’t it?

Is this product a good choice or not so good choice to scan old family b & w photos from the 1930s and somewhat faded color photos from the 1950s?

Is it really a 4x6 scanner, That is a 4" wide scanner that will stop after feeding 6" of document, or can eat any length of paper for as long as it’s 4" or smaller in width?

If it’s the former - then it’s credentials as “receipt scanner” would be very poor. I tell from experience - as somebody who scans their own receipts with one of those Neat Scanners Woot has every now and then… These beasts sometimes run for a few feet in length!

Nice customer review at Best Buy

Optical Character Recognition / OCR software allows you to easily convert your text to an editable format – OCR software is compatible with Windows 2000 SP4, XP, and Vista, but it is not Mac compatible

Hard to find reviews online for this one, especially when there are none at Amazon. Found some here though:

Was just thinking about buying a scanner like this for old photos…you read my mind Woot. Nice work.

It’s just the OCR that is not Mac compatible. But if you’re going to use this for photos that doesn’t matter.

Says it scans images with resolutions up to 300 dpi but also states an optical resolution of 1800 dpi. What gives? Why and what is the difference?

I also want to know this - I’d buy one or maybe even two if it could take documents 4 inches wide by several feet long, for receipts.