VuPoint Digital Camcorder with Waterproof Case Woot Info Post likes it that way :slight_smile:

VuPoint Digital Camcorder with Waterproof Case [New] - $49.99 + $5 shipping shipping

1 * VuPoint DV-WPST531B-VP-BX Digital Camcorder, 1 * Waterproof Case

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Always find underwater stuff to be lacking in quality, albeit better than nothing. Anyone know how the actual quality is?

Can’t find this exact model, but all the other VuPoint camcorders on Buzzillions get good reviews. Close to 4 stars on all of them.

I was just about to post up and ask the same thing. At least it’s not just me.

How deep can you go with it, I wonder? We’ll be traveling to the Caymans soon, and I’d love to be able to film some ichthyoid F.T.W!

Is the case waterproof to a specific depth?

Thats what I was wondering…

I got our 8 y/o a FLIP from woot for X-mas but I am now wanting it for myself so I was hoping another camcorder would come on here.

Is this good enough for Lego Movies?

hardly even a good deal as Google search showed this being sold elsewhere for the same price with free shipping

Features claims 50ft depth, elsewhere might have more info however.

It says right under features:


* Capture video and take pictures under water up to 50 feet
* Captures video for all activities in any season
* Supports SD cards up to 8GB, with 64mb of built in memory

Quality is QVGA - 320x240, VGA - 640x480, 30fps(frames per second).

From item description, “# Capture video and take pictures under water up to 50 feet”

I didn’t even know that I needed this for my cruise to the Bahamas next week until I saw it. But, I doubt I will get it by Friday so I am going to have to order it from somewhere else.

I shall now film… Revenge of the Fish

Capture video and take pictures under water up to 50 feet

  1. Product website page:

  2. Featured here last year, not sure it’s worth anything to be featured by lasplash, but:

  1. had it on sale for $60 end of last month, retailed for $130, couldn’t find anyone else selling it right now so far (didn’t look at Buzzillions, already commented above).

I just bought this.

I currently own a flip video camera. It films at 640 x 480 at 30 fps.

It has very good clarity and does a nice job except for filming things at a long distance.

My only complaint is you cannot use Windows Movie Maker to edit your videos.
I dont like the built in flip software.

This camera on sellout woot films in Jpeg and AVI. Both can be edited via Windows Movie Maker.

I also like the still camera feature.

For the price you can’t go wrong.