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Don’t Forget The, Mum.

VuPoint Digital Hand Scanner [Refurbished] - $59.99 + $5 shipping shipping

1 * VuPoint Digital Hand Scanner PDS-ST410-VP-RB

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VuPoint Digital Hand Scanner
$59.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

Product List:

  • 1 VuPoint Digital Hand Scanner PDS-ST410-VP-RB

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Heh. Back in the day (say, 1992) handheld scanners were common, and cost about this much. You had to have the steady hands of a surgeon to get great results, though, and I suspect things haven’t changed that much in that regard…

yawn bring back the knives

I bought one of these last month when it was up on Sellout.Woot!. It works as advertised - 15 seconds or so to scan a page. If you use a steady hand and steady pressure, the quality is great. You’ll need a microSD card to store your scans, but each scan is only a couple of megs, so even the smallest card (you can pick up some for under $5 from Newegg) will work just fine.

I haven’t tried the included OCR, because I’m a Linux fellow, but the pictures are stored on the device in a generic way (USB MSC), which makes this thing Linux compatible.

I reccommend this one for the free cleaning cloth alone. You ain’t seen none never no cleaning cloth like this little number here. Sleek, moon-age design helps it to clean things that you put it on. Free shipping on this Woot! FREE SHIPPING FREE CLEANY CLOTH FREE QUALITY COMMENT, DELIVERED

I don’t get it: why would I want to scan my (or anybody else’s) hand?

remote palm reading. works best with 3 of these.

What size paper can it support? The description isn’t clear.

Sorry, but the only way I’d buy this thing is if that cleaning cloth was a genuine

Are you serious? Ahahaha.

Its a handheld scanner for computers. You can scan documents with it, so you can upload them onto your computer. Like photos, homework, notes, etc. Just look up a scanner, they normally look like mini copiers, you put the paper in there close it, and it scans it uploading it to your computer.

any chance i can walk into borders with one of these bad boys and scan a whole book [for educational purposes only]?