Vupoint Film & Slide Converter – XP

Vupoint Film & Slide Converter – XP

+ $5 shipping

1 Vupoint FS-C1-VP-RB-BX2-RB Film & Slide Converter – XP

oh my…


Who even has slides or film anymore?

not what i was looking for

front page is lagging behind the threads update. Even before the front page showed sold out for the Colgate packs this was up as a thread. Kinda cool if this continues, you can get a headstart on what’s coming up next.

Only compatible with XP? How old is this thing?

Mac supported? XD

Is this YouTube ready?

Not if you tell everyone.

XP and refurbished.

ooh nice thanks! ++

vu point less

. . . .sh*T this is gonna take a while to GO AWAY!

I was hoping for a Windows ME version.

I’ve been needing one of these. The scanner takes to long. Now I just gotta find one for Viewmaster reels.

Do these things go on all night long?

My old man who served in Vietnam and has alot of the pictures on slides… surely this isn’t for kids.