Vupoint Film & Slide Converter – XP

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Vupoint Film & Slide Converter - XP
$9.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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Nope. Don’t need. Sorry, can’t buy three. I use digital now. No longer have film negatives.

this is awful, even new

Who would use this?

It seems like most of these recent items only cater to a small demographic…

Amazon? model numbers are weird

And now the writeup shifts in tone from creepy to depressing.

Woot is a dark, dark place at night.

We still need a monorail cat!!!

total POS - worst purchase from Woot I have made

Not good reviews on Amazon…sorry.

So it only works with Windows XP? I’d actually use something like this, but not if it only works with one OS.

Who wouldn’t buy this treasure?

Only works on xp wtf?

I use to work at a movie theater and occasional you’d end up with little bits and pieces of the film out of necessity because of the splicing.

Any other former movie projectionists out there who might be able to tell me how well this would work on old film strips?

Gah! Don’t tell people that! We’ll be stuck starring at them for an hour like the projector.

2 day Woot off?

Looks like another 24 hours of wootamania!

I have one of these. Whitewashed half of the slides we put in. Plus there’s the fact you can only scan like three in a row before having to take them out of the bracket and put new ones in. For 10 dollars, though, eh, might be worth it to some people.