VuPoint Film & Slide Digital Converter


. . . and unfortunately those of us using a Mac will not be able to convert our slides.


Just bought a slide scanner. Darn it!


If it was only a bit cheaper, and if I could actually spend money i’d get one for my father who has a lot of old film.

What is this thing “slide” you speak of?

Anyone know if this can be used for 110 film as well? (I think its 110, the old small format film used by pocket cameras way back when).

I bought one of these a while back, can’t say I recommend it. Basically all it does is shine a light through the negative and take a picture after a few seconds. The quality is fairly terrible, and it’s practically impossible to get it to the right “exposure” due to the way capturing works.

Is this any good? Parents are in need of one…

39.99 in September 09. These are great for the grandpas in the family. After we saw one of 'em with the projector and screen out taking pictures of the screen with his digital camera, we figured this would be a great christmas present. One of the G-paw’s loved it … the other just grumbled about more work to do. he he.

This is actually a very useful little device, I recently converted a whole lot of slides with this, works very nice.

Got one of these last time around. It works fine using an old copy of Paint Shop Pro and installing the drivers only. No regrets.

The drivers for these are EXTREMELY picky. Be prepared for a struggle to get it to work, and pleasantly surprised if there isn’t one.

Things they don’t like:
Built-in web cameras
HP printer/scanners
USB 1.0
Working as intended.

does this thing convert images imprinted on silly putty?

Not so good review.

Negatives? What are those? I prefer to focus on the POSITIVES!!!

Terrible reviews from amazon…

… I mean… buy it!

It takes a long time, as you can only do three slides at once. BUT, my family is very pleased to have our old 35mm slides converted! Some photos have never been seen!