VuPoint Film & Slide Digital Converter Woot Info Post

VuPoint Film & Slide Digital Converter [New] - $34.99 + $5 shipping

1 * Vupoint FS-C1-VP Film & Slide Digital Converter

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I have to wonder how many of these turkeys woot got saddled with.

I wish it did medium format. :frowning:

Ahem: argh.

Argh! Well, nap time.


G’nite Wootlings - see ya back here tomorrow.

Is there even a need for a contraption like this? It’s 2010!

XP only?

this is teh wootoff killah

How many times could somebody possible need one of these?

wow 4 woots in we already have a woot killer…sweet! thank god it is only 10 in alaska, suck on that east coast!

I dont think many.

A referb is only $24 at

Come on woot lets get an inventory that people want

Looks like not too many :wink:

Are they that bad? I got 2 for mother’s day gifts, so that they can convert all of their negatives… I hope I didn’t make a mistake…

Ugh. Pretty much panned at adorama

I have one of these, converted all my dads old slides to high quality jpg’s
well worth it in my opinion, all thsoe slides were rotting and now i have digital copies of my childhood.
and yes, it works with win7 64