VuPoint Film & Slide Digital Converter

What is this “film” you speak of?

What is this “Film” of which you speak???

Is this a Christmas present?

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In for 1 if it was over 10mp conversion…

so we’re calling this a woot off killer?

i’m not entirely fooled
…but my keys are in my hand…

Google Shopping Results Comparison, $43 - $80+

Quite a niche product.

Just get 2.

Quite a niche product.

I think this officially killed todays woot off. Was good while it lasted.

DONT BUY i have the brookestone one they are all exaclty the same sometimes differnt designs but same insides and they suck

Bought 2 of these for the Dad and Dad n Law. Dad n Law loves it. Dad thinks it reeks of effort. Works nicely for slide show slides from back in the day.

One more Christmas present done!

$29 here:

Good point! :slight_smile:

just the thing to archive my 35mm film collection, 5 frames at a time.

SHHHHHHHHH! We want all of the fools to buy 3 of these.

You ever wonder if a fourth digit might not exist?

Perhaps you’ll roll over that odometer.