VuPoint Film & Slide Digital Converter

Not a bad price. Not sure how well it works though.


this will go fast

Looks like its gonna be a long night, time to break out the coffee.


i hope there’s only one of these!..

This is NOT the woot-off killer.

Something I actually wanted and there’s probably two of them – oh well.

This is by far the worst woot off ever. This one item stuff needs to stop and stop now

redtube …woot …redtube …woot.

What’s this Film thing?

You mean pictures weren’t always on little memory cards?


Quantity 1… no chance to get anything…

I was seriously waiting for this, as a gift for my dad for xmas. I can’t believe that it sold out so fast and then I saw that they only had 1! One! Does anyone have an extra sitting around?

Florida! You should be asleep by now.

Do NOT load the software that comes with it. It contains a TROJAN VIRUS. Go to the website to download the driver.