VuPoint Magic Wand Portable Scanner

How is the OCR software that comes with this scanner?

I’ve been looking for a way to get my recipes from their current paper mess to cloud with the least amount of effort possible.

how well does it handle book crease shadows?

Hmmm, these keep getting more and more affordable, but… between the Evernote and Camscanner apps on android, I just don’t see much use for a standalone portable scanner anymore. I’ve got a scansnap s1500 at home to do the heavy lifting. For anything beyond that, my phone now does an absolutely fantastic job.

Never tried it, I will later on and let you know. I’m not hopeful.

Not well.

@Jester747 - ITA.

These small scanners that have a feeder are alright, but using it to free-form scan is terrible. It is hit or miss. And since this one doesn’t show you the image on the tiny display window, you don’t know if you have hit or missed until you take the SD card out and check. I never could get mine to work with the usb cable, but tested it too late to return it. But hey, I paid $100.00 for mine (and got some other crap software with it, the same kind that comes with every printer…)

Do you have to have a really steady hand to keep the wand moving steadily across the page (at the same pace and without wiggling at all)?

Resounding YES, you do. And at the same speed for the whole page. What a mess.

Do you guys get the idea I’m not all for this item? :-/

Okay, for $10.00 and free shipping, I’d go for it. If you really want one, go for the Pandigital, at least it both scans “manually” and has a feed, and you can (barely) see the result in the display on the wand. Still, not as perfect as the last product I’m suggesting, but better than the VuPoint.


Better yet, if you can make it work (and I’ve scanned over 1000 photos with 99.99% success), get this:

Photo,etc Scanner

Comes with Abbyy screenshot reader - very basic one. Small receipt works or you need to do it multiple times.

If the books are small(like small paper backs with spine around 8"), you can scan from crease to the outer margin. That avoids the crease shadow. If the spine is more than 8" long and pages cannot be flattened crease will show up.

You can scan time magazine as you can flatten it but a hard bound text book with letter size pages will be difficult.

This is a CIS scanner and depth is smaller than CCD.

Got this from staples for $119. For a quick scan at the library, or a page of magazine, it is great.

For OCR, 600 dpi comes handy. This is not for precise scanning of images.

This handy scanner outsmarts other ones, including most flat beds, in one aspect - you can scan a long long page in 8" width !

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Product page:

including manual

PCMag review 3.5 stars

video with music way too exciting for the product

4 stars/15 reviews B&H (discontinued)

Staples $79.99 new, 4.3 stars, 42 reviews vs. $34.99 refurb here (refurb definition below):

4.1 stars, 9 reviews, $99.99 best buy

That should give you some extra stuff to look at.

Edit: I think corrected now.

Thank you for the helpful replies! I think I will check out some alternative options despite the tempting price point here.

For what it’s worth, I tried setting up EverNote to take pictures and use the OCR. I was discouraged at the storage and photo OCR per month limitations, though, since my whole purpose is to scan and OCR a lot of things as quickly as possible. I wonder if they’ve dropped those restrictions.

PDS-ST415-VP comes in six different colours.

This scanner scans at 300 dpi and 600 dpi. Not 900 dpi as the listing mentions.

PDS-ST415-VPS scans in 900 dpi & comes in black colour only.

[MOD: Thanks for pointing this out. We are correcting the specs now. See post below for more info.]

I had one of these a while back that I got for graduate school for when I was unable to make copies of something I needed. I ended up taking it back. I could get pretty decent scans, but it was tough. The biggest problem with that, is there is no way to check the images without actually hooking it up to a computer or removing the micro sdcard.

I ended up taking it back after a week and a half because I just couldn’t justify the expense ($100 for me at the time) with the not so convenient usefulness it provided as well as the sub-par scans.

For $35…it might be worth it if you desperately need the portability, but honestly, I was able to get “scans” with scanner apps on my phone that were much more convenient for what I would have used the scanner wand for. Because of that, I just don’t see it as being that useful.

For the person who asked about the crease in books…no, it’s pretty difficult to deal with anything at all that changes the rate at which you move the wand. If anything causes any pause, angle turn, increase or decrease of speed, it’s noticeable. So book pages that are not lying perfectly flat can run into issues very easily. You can get really good at using it I’m sure, but it’s not easy to use at all anytime you run into irregularities.

Exactly what I do. The ScanSnap let me go nearly paperless, and “out in the field” my android scanner apps do the trick.

[hr]Good Grief, we had the specs wrong![hr]
As noted above, we mistakenly had the wrong specs listed in our sale. This scanner does not scan at 900 dps. The specs are being updated now and should be corrected very soon.

If you already purchased this item and the 900 DPI scanning was important for you, you can email to cancel your order.

We are sorry for the confusion and error in the sale.

It happens, TT, glad it’s corrected.


Congrats on 800!

Is this not the exact same one for the same price on Amazon?

It doesn’t look like it. Compare model #'s. That’s the 510. This is the 441. I haven’t pulled all of the specs apart to be sure though.