VuPoint Magic Wand Scanner w/LCD Preview

I got one of thes last time they went on sail on woot. I was worryed because there were many complaints about the battery not holding charge. I have not experienced that problem with my unit. I use it about 5 times a week and only charge it once a month. Having a screen that you can zoom in on and look at your scan with is an amazing feature! I can’t image getting one of these without a screen. I installed a 32Gb micro sd and can pull scans off of it without having to pull out the micro sd. Some people complained about not being able to scan books with this unit due to the scan stopping as soon as the rollers stop. It should be noted that this unit is not sold as a book scanner, and that is not a listed feature. I did find however, that you actually can scan books with this unit, and i have scanned 2 textbooks with it already. The trick is to start the Scan an inch before the start of the page and end the scan an inch after the end of the page.