Vuzix iWear Video Glasses with iPod Compatibility

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New Vuzix iWear Video Glasses with iPod Compatibility, for $99.99 + $5 shipping
2 different products:[list][] 1x Vuzix AV230 iWear Video Glasses
] 1x iWear Composite A/V Adapter for iPod and iPhone

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Vuzix iWear Video Glasses with iPod Compatibility
$99.99 + $5 shipping
condition: New
products: 1 Vuzix AV230 iWear Video Glasses
1 iWear Composite A/V Adapter for iPod and iPhone

Twin high-resolution 320×240 (230,000 pixels) LCD displays

OMG, that is bad! Less than SD TV.

Should say: super low-res.

Bad reviews.

3.5 stars and $285 at amazon

I already test this, the technology is not ready yet :(. It just hurt my eyes, may be I need lens :wink:

Somewhere in the universe the genetic composition that is to be Geordi La Forge shudders…

Great, perfect, now the creepy guy sitting next to me on the plane can watch his porn in peace.

Little out of my price range as well.

I have a lazy eye, so one of my eyes doesn’t work well, it means 3-d glasses do nothing, but change the color of the movie/game for me. Will that affect this?

how can somebody design something like this and be so , so, ugly looking !!

This spec should scream NO to everyone here. I guess it’s not that different of a resolution than viewing it on an iPod. But the “44-inch TV viewed from 9 feet” is so misleading, because a 44" TV has many, many more pixels and therefore more detail.

Woot should sell a silver suit with this so I can walk around looking like the “man of the future”. Otherwise, I might look a bit dorky.

To those complaining about resolution, the things are like 2’’ by 1’', you don’t need a higher resolution

Got one last time and hated it. Screen’s not good at all and is small, sounds fine. Sold it on ebay to someone in some part of Europe. Sucker!

I think its a little stupid for Ipod purposes, but Im thinking connecting this to your TV and busting out some Halo or other FPSs would be sweet

I’m going to get a pair of these for me and one for my lady. BOW CHIKA WOW WOW

Time to put some pr0n on teh ipod video

I’m in!!1

I’ve been waiting for these, will be great on planes and trips - and this is a reasonable price to try em out . Thanks w00t!

This is cool and all, but for us with glasses and not so superior eyesight, what kind of experience would this be like?

do you know if these will work with a pc?