Vuzix iWear Video Glasses with iPod Compatibility

I used to sell similar glasses and to be honest it looks pretty good. The screens are small with bad detail, yes, but when your eyes are sitting that close you really can’t see a difference. It honestly just looks like you’re watching a 44" TV from 9’ away…nothing more, nothing less.

I wish these weren’t exclusively for the iPod. Don’t they realize we all have Sansa MP3 players? :frowning:

Can this work with an ipod touch ( i know its prob a stupid question but i wanted to confirm before jumping the gun on this thing)

After having my iPhone fry from a car charger that asked to go into airplane mode to avoid interference, I’m reluctant to plug anything into it that isn’t specifically designed by Apple to work with the iPhone.

I think this would be sweet to wear if you got a power inverter for your car. Think Xbox on the go!

Don’t know, not a stupid question though. I wouldn’t want to spend a hundred bucks on something and later find out I can’t even use it.

Since when does 320×240 qualify as high resolution? Its only like a 1" screen, but its also like 1" from your eyes.

Stay the hell away from my car :slight_smile:

you can look as goofy as this guy:

It is actually high resolution compared to some of the options out there, amazingly enough. I’d really love this (yes, even at that resolution), but just not $100 worth. (Then again, I don’t have an iPod; I’d only be using it with my laptop…)

Sweet. So far we’ve got links to an AV920 and an IP230.

These are the AV320’s. Have people never heard of different model numbers?

Does this thing work with a Zune?

I keep thinking these things would be great for people to lie in bed and watch tv or play games beside a sleeping spouse, but the negative reviews kill the possibility as far as i’m concerned.

They are NOT exclusively for the ipod. See the description.
“Designed to connect to almost all NTSC or PAL audio/video device with video out capabilities”

I feel bad for Geordi La Forge. All this time, he’s been stuck seeing in 320x240

Will I be coordinated enough to eat popcorn with these blocking my vision?

Will the image be shaking by me chewing my popcorn?

Hmmm, and is it worth $100 when I can just watch from the screen I have, and eat popcorn without any issues?

Similar but not the same product.

A buddy of mine bought a pair of these a long while back at about double the price.

He wishes he never did.

Yes, it comes with an ipod adapter, it should work on all of those ithingies with video. I didn’t have this exact one but I had a smililar model. These things are good for what they are. If they have built in earbuds, they sound like carp. The pictures obviously cannot be amazing, usually they have light contrast ratios, bleeding colors and stripes in the image. However, if you are not a videophile and you want a cool little portable video device, $99 bucks is maybe two thirds the price of all these I’ve seen.

I don’t know if I should have or not, but I got one. Really I just got it because I have been reading about them for like four years and can think back to when these things were like six hundred bucks. If all eles fails I’ll sell it on ebay.