Vuzix Wrap 310XL Video Eyewear with Adapter for Apple Devices

$179.99 on Amazon

Hmmm…I have always wanted to be like Scott. Here are the Amazon reviews (only two, but it’s better than none I guess)

This hasn’t been linked to cancer. Yet.

Finally, the future is here. Now about those wires…

Yes it works with a MAC

I have a few of the 920’s which are 640x480. They are just okay. This is a significant step down in resolution, so be forewarned. Maybe they’d be good for the ‘old-fashioned’ look.

can i wear this to my next exam?

I have an older version, the Wrap 230, and it’s pretty nifty. I’ve connected it to my Android phone, my Xbox, a Wii, a cable box, even a digital cinema player (that took some serious McGuyvering) and it performed great.

If I wasn’t in the middle of moving to a new house I’d probably pick a few of these up, if not for myself then for a gift for a couple of friends.

Here’s the website if anyone is interested:

Wait, why did I buy a big tv?

Wake me when you can display this on my regular glasses or better yet, on my contacts.

Where do I sign up for the direct feed to the brain?

Wife: “Honey? Are you listening to me?”
Me: “uh huh”

Oh wait, this changes nothing!

Product website:

Edit: someone above me got the link first, so here I think is the product manual:,%20US%20Wrap%20User%20Manual.pdf

and FAQ’s?

“I want my character back, you son of a lich.”

Vague Princess Bride reference FTW!!!

This would be so cool if it were 1995 again!

I have a set and I love them. They are awesome for use with adult videos ( I kid,I kid). No but really AWESOME!!!

anyone try reading letter size pdf documents with this? comments? may be an alternative to tablet devices which requires you to either bring the device up or look down with your neck

Will this work on a XOOM tablet? If so, how? What’s the connector?

does this come with the composite video connector?

Some YouTube stuff

Two questions: what about people with glasses and can this connect to my pc?

oh better yet - I would love people using these walking and running into people, telephone poles, cars, etc. Imagine the news - “Man dies by getting hit by a bus while jaywalking while watchinga ripped copy of final destination 5” hahaha