(W)Right Angle Neutrality

Thanks to everyone who voted for this design. Thrilled to have tied with Cheese for 3rd.

Ah, now they are being sold individually I see.

kls, I just can’t tell you how much I love your design. It’s my favourite woot shirt ever and the only one I’ve ever bothered to pay $15 for. Thank you! I look forward to seeing some of your future designs.

Thanks Razela! Happy to hear you like it. I’m excited to see how it prints.

Wow, I’m surprised at how many people are buying this after the sellout according to the graphs. Looks like the 2-for-1 thing will turn out to be really nice for the shirt designers because of all the people who were expecting to buy it at $10 but were too late thanks to the impulse buyers like me. Now they all have to buy it at $15, heh.

Cheese and I aren’t exactly sure how to interpret the graphs given that our links to the $15.00 prices were working on the first day. So, we may have each sold more than 1000 on the first day. The graphs are probably referring to our individual sales now … I’m just not sure.

But, I think you’re right…given the smaller print run on the tied shirts, those who really wanted the design will need to pay the $15.00 ‘day after’ price.

I’m happy to see that folks like the shirt enough to buy it at full price. I appreciate it!

I just received a copy of my design. Here’s how the designs look on a women’s shirt. I think Woot did a great job with the design. They appear to be very true to the shirt comp. They did a great job matching the colors. I’m very pleased!

(W)right Angle Neutrality.


If you like the design, you can still purchase the shirt at the ‘day after’ price. Click the images above for more details.

Gambit posted a great picture of the Mens size to show how it looks on the body …placement, size, etc. I’m posted it here to in case folks are interested in seeing it

quoted from the original thread:

I wore this shirt to a concert on Saturday night, and about 8 different people asked me about the shirt. I have never gotten that kind of reaction to other Woot shirts. In all cases, people saw similarities to Frank Lloyd Wright or Piet Modrian.

Fantastic! I’m so happy folks aren’t saying “that’s the shirt from that horrible pixel derby”. :slight_smile: I’m especially happy to hear that folks see a Mondrian or FLW reference. Thank you so much for posting feedback on the shirt! -kristen

Just got mine in today, I absolutely love it!

YAY!!! You were a strong supporter of the design Rokk0! Thank you! I’m really happy that you like the design in person as well! :slight_smile:

It definitely turned out great on the shirt- congrats on not only getting printed but surviving the reckoning when your shirt was part of what seemed to be a despised derby (Personally, I loved it! :P). Here’s hoping for many more weeks!

Gah! Bleach spilled on this shirt and I loved it!!! I wish I could get another. :frowning:

I am SOOOO excited as I just purchased this shirt!! I am an art teacher and am TOTALLY wearing this for my FLW lesson (and I am using your rap…will give cred, I promise!) THANK YOU!!!