Wὅὅt Limited-Editiὅn Birthday Balloons of Celebration

Again nothing!

What the… I’m pretty sure this one never appeared at all.

How in the WORLD does anyone ever get a BOC?!!

Last Wooter to Woot:

Yay! Didn’t think I was gonna get one of these! Happy Birthday woot!!

So does that conclude the special BOCs?

14 offerings of 14 each?



Stuck in the VOP> I will never leave…

Caught this one again but it was sold out. Pretty sure I’m SOL for this round of BOCs.

Was able to hit Place Order. Then OOS :frowning:


So frustrating! 5 seconds and it is sold out. How do people use bots to buy them? I keep seeing posts on bots.

Can confirm, actual humans can get them.

Super excited to post the contents!

In the VoP for the third time. Let’s see how it goes…

I just noticed that the price for these is Fifty dollars ($50)!

A bit steep for a bag of crap, no?


Finally got it! Plus I was the first sucker.

Does anyone know if these count for the 31 day rule? Can you get one of these and a regular BOC?

never see the bag o crap from this
P O S… Have to wait for it to show up in community to see that I never saw it for purchase. Good Bye Woot…

how are you all seeing them on the real. they arent even showing up anymore.