w00ts I would not pay $1+5 S+H for

A pair of tickets to the superbowl halftime show!
Wow did that suck.

Refurbished Underwear.

Not even with an extended wearantee?!?

No. Nuh-uh.

Nut even the Olsen [sp?] twins?

I saw the Stones there in the Silverdome on the Steel Wheels tour. Awesome. must have been 1982. Jagger in his day was all that. a lot to be said for him now, still.

I guess we could’ve had Carrie Underwood- like that better, wouldya?

I get to tear the refurb u-trou off them? …then, yeah.


That’s right, you are a woodworker.

heh. an art lover.


Such a subtle use of brushstroke.