Wacom Bamboo Capture Pen & Touch Tablet

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**Item: **Wacom Bamboo Capture Pen & Touch Tablet
Price: $49.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard OR $9 Two-Day OR $12 One-Day
Condition: Refurbished

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Good reviews over at Apple

Several photographers I know love these things. A lot of information and good reviews over at CNET:


The one on WOOT today looks like an excellent deal!

Wacom drawing tablets are the alpha and omega of the industry, and that includes the bamboo “entry model” line. This is one of the smallest ones, with a usable area about the size of a large notecard. It’s great for any kind of graphics or design editing (I use mine a lot with InDesign). If you’re going to go for drawing of any kind, I have to recommend it’s larger cousin, the intuos. (if you think you want to use a cintiq, use the cintiq. It’s glorious, but an altogether different feel than these guys)
Summary: cannot beat it at this price.

Anyone know if this will work within Lightroom?

I’ll address my worries, they may be the same others have.
I was worried I would have trouble drawing while not looking at the “paper” but I was amazed at not only how easy it was but how natural it feels.
I was amazed how the pencil tool looks like pencil, ink like ink and so on…
I was looking to get one for a while, I would have been happy spending $250…so $50 is insanely cheap! Best gift I got myself in years…if you’re on the fence, get one…you won’t be disappointed!

i’ve been saving up amazon gift cards for this exact one, only new on amazon. i wouldn’t mind buying refurbished to save money as i’ve had good luck with other refurbished items on woot, but it’ll end up costing me only $5 more out of pocket with my giftcards i have saved to buy new from amazon.

please start taking amazon giftcards and i’ll love you forever!

+1 Lightroom functionality would seal the deal for me. Anybody have any experience with that setup?

Yes, Wacom products work very well with all Adobe products.

I got one of these on woot for the same price, and I couldn’t be happier with it. Works great, awesome quality!

Anyone used it for doing Modeling (Agile, Scrum) or UX work? I’d like to use with Artrage4 or something like for drawing/designs. I guess if it works with Adobe it will work with anything…

If it helps, I AM a photographer and I DO love those things. I use mine all the time.

Wholly cow these go for 99$ new

I got one from the last round. I’ve used a fair amount, and definitely like it. And before someone asks: yes it works on linux. Cause that’s all I’ve used it with.


(though it works on modern kernels to just plug in, if you have something like dual screens you may want a script to wrap around xsetwacom to lock it to one screen for better accuracy. And set the buttons to emulate particular key bindings. And stuff.

Bamboo Connect

With Bamboo Connect, you get all the pen input capabilities you need.

Price: $79.00

Done any UX modeling with it?

a 5" x 3" usable space seems pretty small to me. Should I just save for something bigger?

I bought one of these as a get well gift for my father in law. He is a fitness ninja with a photography problem.

He called us and was nearly in tears, he had wanted something like this badly and had mentioned it in passing. I saw this the last time it was on woot and snagged it. Low and behold this was EXACTLY the tool he wanted, and he says its amazingly good.

I guess that if his reaction was that strong this thing must really be awesome. I personally have never used one, but it completely made his week.

Its enough to make me want to buy a spare, just in case.