Wacom Sketchpad Pro

Wacom Sketchpad Pro

The model number given here, CDS-810S, does not match the Sketchpad Pro product. It matches a different Wacom product. This probably explains why the Woot listing isn’t able to link to the Amazon reviews for the Sketchpad Pro, though it is easy to find on the mothership.

Wow, the reviews are savage for the “Sketchpad Pro”, if that’s what this is.

CDS-810S is the Wacom Bamboo Slate which is a much higher end version. I based my purchase on that so it is not nearly as good of a deal as first thought.

Hi there. We are selling the Sketchpad Pro per the title, features, and photos. We removed the incorrect model number.

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The Specs tab is still incorrect:

In The Box:

  • Wacom CDS-810S Sketchpad Pro - (Your Choice: Color)

Thank you, fixed.