Wagner 4.8GPH Power Painter

I’m guessing this is the previous woot:


Wagner Website

Is this good for interior painting as well?

Here is the Amazon listing for it: http://amzn.com/B004AWPM5C

Its $44.95 at amazon right now, but sadly no reviews. Anyone who got the previous woots have any thoughts?

Some Wagner videos:

Wagner Power Painter in action!

at The History Channel

Waagner’s YouTube channel

Having made the mistake of buying a slightly different Wagner Power Painter (this one)

I can tell you that Wagner was complete crap and a waste of time. Not sure if this model will be any different but I’d be extremely surprised if it was…

Didn’t I just pay $32.99 for this from woot! just a couple of months ago?

Disappointing to say the least.

I have my doubts about a machine that throws paint being useful in the (non-Jackson Pollack) home. Can I use it to put toppings on pizza? Deal cards? Spray salsa at my wife?

Yes, I bought the previous one and it works just like it should. This is great when you’re not doing a large enough job to warrant the time (and HUGE) clean-up involved with renting an airless. I own an airless, but don’t want to always deal with the clean-up and transport of it.

I bought a couple of these with the thought they’d be disposable…but if you clean them and FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS they work great. You might want to google common trouble shooting issues if you have never used one.

If you’re not good at prep and following directions, use a brush or hire a professional. =)

I have a similar model, thinking of picking this one up. I used it for painting the underside of a roof {bare wood] that covers my patio. At first, I tried a roller with the thickest nap I could find, as the surface I was painting is irregular; plywood with roofing nails poking through, and then of course the support beams every 16" or so.

After trying the roller for about 30 minutes… I could see that it would take several days to paint the entire ceiling/roof underside, mainly because of the size (16’x32’), and irregular surface.

Whipped out the Wagner sprayer, and it was done in a few hours. Of course I had to get a few LARGE cheap plastic tarps and cover the wall of my home that abuts the roof, to avoid overspray on the windows & siding. But in all, it was a very good time-saving tool to get the job done. I am thinking of using it now to paint the exterior of my house. I don’t think I’d use it indoors unless I had fans set up to suck the air out the window… Additionally, when you do this you have to remove any window screens as well or they will be coated with paint when you are done.

In for two. That way the wife can use one in each hand. Anything to make her life easier.

I have had a Wagner Power Painter (not this exact model) for four years and very much appreciate it. You HAVE to clean it properly. Every time. And a major caveat: I only use it to stain my fence and log cabin. I don’t use it inside. That being said, it’s been a big help, and I’m in for one.

has anyone tried painting furniture with it?

I need to paint the outside of my town house and was thinking of getting one of these. My only concern is it blowing onto other houses or even cars.

Anyone seen or had a similar concern? or is there no loose spray that I need to worry about

I bought a couple of these in '03 to repaint the trim and anything else it would work on in a house that we just bought and were restoring.

The Power Painter is both the BEST and WORST tool I have ever used. Some jobs are well suited for it, others are not.
It is well suited for small jobs that have a lot of surfaces, like a chair or picket fence.

You can use it to paint a house, but the capacity is small (unless you use an external resovior). Unless you have used one before, it is easy to apply too little paint. For rough siding and stain, I don’t believe you can beat a brush as a brush does a better job of mechanically forcing the paint into all the crevices and cracks.

I used it to paint the interior doors and trim with a high gloss latex paint. I removed the doors and painted them when they were flat. Unless you are very careful and the paint is just right, it will occasionally spit a blob of paint onto a surface which you are in the process of laying down a mirror smooth coat of wet paint. It takes constant tinkering to make sure the pump and tip and valve is clean and lubricated to prevent this problem. For stain or thinner paints, this might not be a problem.

Overspray and paint-mist is a given with a sprayer and it can be a problem if the humidity is high and non-paintable items are close.

For some jobs, this is the perfect tool. The trick is to determine which is which.

Hilarious to say the least

I read the directions carefully, because all of the reviews on Amazon were terrible, or suggested that you had to follow things carefully - and no matter what I did, this thing was still a piece of crap. Please spare yourself… it would be easier and faster to buy a chimp and have him paint for you, and that includes clean up time. This thing is AWFUL.

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