Wagner Power Painter

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Wagner Power Painter [New] - $32.99 + $5 shipping shipping

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Is this for Stephanie Powers’ makeup?

Lol at the litter robot advertisement. Failll

I think Woot has became a permanent Woot-off site without telling anyone, in doing such - we’re all sitting here like goons waiting for it to end.

Once again, this Woot Off forces me to place my credit card back in my wallet…I’M DYING TO SPEND MY MONEY HERE WOOT. DYING


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I wish they would woot-off the automated litter box


39.99 plus free ship at Amazon. So woot woot for saving two bucks on a 2.5/5 star product.

Product Website here

As someone who has just gone through the death of a close friend’s wife, I REALLY hope he’s not reading this tonight.

Whoever wrote this description needs a serious dope-slap.

Painting cat…


24 hours left according to wooters.us .

Wish they would sell something useful…

I’ve used these. Don’t bother unless you’re fanatical about cleaning.

we’re gonna be here a while…

1000 of these. Woot off over.

On another note, worked on a tv show with Stephanie powers and accidentally walked in on her in a bathroom and her makeup girl was, how do I put it, cleaning something off the rug with her face. True story.

What’s everyone still doing here?