Wagner Power Painter

This seems like it would be great for a fence or something like that but as far as a wall you will spend more time cleaning up overspray.

I hope you’re serious, because I totally was.

Ugh…this is such a woot-off killer

If you see something enough times it’s real?

I painted the fence with one . Excellent

Can these handle maple syrup? I have some really dark ideas…

Check out reviews of the back-pack version on Amazon for the wide sprayer:

Sounds like it works well IF YOU FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS (for those who actually read the instructions).

Not a bad price. I’ve used these before and they’re adequate for slapping a coat on. You need to practice first though, otherwise you’ll get alternating thick and thin spots.


This thing actually works pretty well… I’d recommend the Wide-Shot model, I’ve used one before and it works well. Staining a deck does just fine with one of these - I’ve used it to stain some natural wood bookcases and it came out really well.

In for one that replaces one I killed. Works good for small projects. Wear hearing muffs when using it however. Thin the paint when using the tube…

I’ve always wondered…can you use one of these to spray butter on popcorn?

These things suuuuuuuccckkkk! Bought one years ago and only used it once.

I bought the DIY some time ago from Home Depot. It worked so poorly I returned it and the manager of the paint department at Home Depot couldn’t get it to work properly either. They upgraded me to a better model free of charge. Home Depot also tried to call Wagner themselves for support on the product and they were less than helpful.

You should buy three, in case you kill another one or two.

Could I paint an aluminum V bottom boat with this?

Hey, uh, Woot? How many of these did you get stuck with? Three truckloads? Ten? Are these the new roombas?

ugh…monkeys, please!

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Woot.com is just trying to make me work! :frowning: not cool

I would of paid twice as much if it was called a “Master Painter”