Wagner Power Painter

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Wagner Power Painter
$25.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 1 Wagner 272045 5.4GPH Power Painter

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perfect to give your car a racing stripe (makes it go faster)


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I thought they sold out LAST woot! off…

Bag of crap.

how much candy can it hold?

wooted one last time, have not used it yet but seemed like a good deal??

Do Power Rangers use these?

woot is redundant and repeats a lot.

I heard they’re not worth buying at any price.

Another use: when your wife wants to have “body-paint” night, you can whip out this baby.

these things are terrible to paint with. Dripping paint down the walls and everywhere else for that matter.

These should go quickly. This is a great item at a great price!

Crowd spray water-bottle what?

Perfect for staining a fence. I just did over 200 linear feet 8’ tall fence and this made it a breeze.

Comes with the massive downside of making my wife want to paint everything. I’ll pass.

I don’t want to hold up the wootoff, but i feel the need to warn you all not to expect much more than crap out of this thing. these things are crap, especially Wagner ones. get a pneumatic if needed, but not this. all its good for is a water mister, and it even fails at that!

hmmm… at least a half an hour until these sell out???