Wagner Power Painter

I would like to tell them what to do with their power paint sprayer.

If you bought the skewers, buy one of these and use it for POWER BASTING! :slight_smile:

Unlike the skewers - I wouldn’t give you .02 for these.

I have one of these, it is super loud and seems to waste a lot of paint.

The woot-off killing force is strong with this one

2 words…Power Marinating!

estimated quantity is 200. ugggg

Even though I have not bought anything yet in this woot! off, I have to say it is one of the best looking ones I have seen since I became a wooter.

Wow. the pc pitstop discs sold faster.

Theese are junk. You have to thin your paint out so much it distorts the color to get it not to clog. This is NOT WOOT worthy.

yeah haven’t heard good things about these really.

seems they work fine 1 time if you are spaying something thin. like stain. not some house paint though.

prolly be cool for DDT.


While were waiting for a sell-out check out the flying woot monkey’s Facebook page…


These seem to be a pretty good price for both types:

The Wide


Amazon reviews of the wide spray are a mix of good and bad, though.

You need to thin most paint and use multiple coats to get a better result. I have used these before and with a little pratice they work well.

next items:

DIY decoupage kit, followed by,
Computer punch card x-mas wreath kit.

This actually seems to be a pretty good deal.


Woot! You recycled the description on this one. Shame on you!

I have a more expensive model of the Power Painter. If this is like that, you’re probably going to only want to use this on outdoor jobs or in rooms where you’re doing a massive overhaul and won’t have to worry about overspray. But yeah, I love my Power Painter. I stained my approx. 1500 square foot fence twice with it using around 5 gallons of stain and it only took around 3 hours.