Wagon Queen Design Feedback


Hello! I’ve submitted this design to a couple derbies now and it received very few votes each time. I’m looking for some feedback, if anyone is willing.

Is it not recognizable as the car from National Lampoon’s Vacation? Does the car need to be “longer”? Does it need a leash flapping behind from the bumper? Does it need dead Aunt Edna wrapped in plastic on the roof?

What would make it more appealing?



Always healthy to request feedback. FWIW I recognized it for what it was. Here’s some of my thoughts.

Is Vacation a popular subject for this audience? Are there others in the catalog?
The illustration is highly stylized. Not a bad thing unto itself, but that generally less popular here, IMO
Lots of words that aren’t additive to the design. And the joke (a very funny line from the movie) is basically buried and lost.
It’s just a truck, from the movie. There’s not much to connect it to the audience unless they love the movie and your interpretation. That’s probably a narrow population and why you’re seeing limited performance with it.

Hope that helps!