Wahl Comb n’ Cut Grooming Kit

Quite frankly that video is absurd.

The wife cuts my hair. I even put a beauty shop chair on the patio. Style baby.

5 stars from me. Works great.

(Note: this is not a trimmer, it’s a hair cutter)

Woot, I’m disappoint

just awful

What ever happened to calling it a ‘box of chorizo’? Is that played out?

Kids Beware: Mom’s across the US are going to bring the chilli bowl back!!!

I need a Blue Oyster Cult so I can go to bed. Work at 8am…

looks like you’ll be needing 3

What’s with all the crap items? Maybe leading up to a bag full of the crap that has been recently posted?

Damn, if you don’t make sense. So, I bought one too.

itd be nice if the DS will let you use it lol

And this concludes 2 days of dissapointment and excalibur aggravation. This woot off was like when stores put their clearance racks on the sidewalk.


/wanders by singing ‘Don’t Fear the Reaper’

Its a POS, save your money and get a real one.

Will William Oscar Cartwright ever arrive?


You we need to buy three so that tow could cool off while you are using the third. Keep rotating.