Wait, this IS your costume

This was a fantastic idea. Hope it sells thousands!

This shirt is the perfect way to not have a costume for Halloween and still be totally cool! :slight_smile:

How are the 2 shirt brands different in terms of the collar? I hate the thin but large diameter collars that tend to stretch out. Not sure which one to get.

You probably want to go with the AA option then. The Anvils tend to stretch more.

I appreciate the joke, but if you wear this to a party where costumes are required; you’re the absolute worst.

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Wear it without pants for the complete effect. You’ll be the talk of the party.

This is the most plain shirt I have seen on Woot for a long time. Even my limited graphic skills could have created this one - still a creative idea though - I would have went with “Back-up Costume”.

I disagree. Besides, nothing could be simpler than this woot shirt.

** Woot history:

Love it! Would it be here before Halloween?

I hate how folk now wear laziness as a badge of honor. That said, this is the perfect Halloween shirt for my 18yo son.

I do think this concept would have been better conveyed with a character seeking out a costume on the web. A clever artist could figure out how to do that.

Um … this shirt is not showing up for me . Does anybody know why ? I tried using my son’s Computer but still .

Okay ‘gag’ I guess.

At least choose a better font.

Better color.


I bought these for my IT department to wear to the company Halloween party, and they won second prize in the ‘team costume’ category. Yay, Woot!

Thanks for sharing

Is anyone else having trouble with the screen printing deteriorating overwhelmingly fast? I have washed these shirts (just the 404 costume ones) TWICE and the printing is half gone on some letters. Never seen anything like this in hundreds of woot shirts.