Waiting for the bus

I liked the cheshire cat better as a pumpkin.

This shirt design makes me all kinds of happy.

That write up sounds appropriately like the book text. At least as well as I can remember it. I love those books but it’s been a few years since I read them.

Abbylove1234, have you tried the fit of the Anvils? They might suit you better then AA.

This is a fantastic shirt; the use of white as the positive space and black as the negative space is visually stunning and so appropriate for the subject. Plus, this is one of the best write-ups I’ve read on woot - truly captures Carroll’s tone and logic. Kudos to both the artist and writer!

I came to say what Neuro said, but Neuro said it better than I could have so I’m just going to quote it so everyone has to read it twice.

also: yay miyazaki~

Very cool Wonderland/Totoro fusion, but no one I know would get the reference. That’s ultimately the crux of all Woot shirts.

What does the base of the clock say?

I think I’ll buy this one for the days when I need to be much muchier.

No one has mentioned so I will. This is a mash up of Alice in Wonderland and Totoro. :slight_smile:
Edit: and as I post this someone mentions it :stuck_out_tongue:

I beat you to it.

Edit: I saw your edit :slight_smile:

“A Wonderful Place”

I saw your edit after spotting her edit.

This is the only shirt that I liked from this derby round, and I’m really glad it got printed! Totoro is one of my favorite anime, and I love the Alice mashup. <3

Yes. すばらしい所 subarashii-tokoro “Wonderful Place”

…but I think Harantula might prefer the translation “Wonderland.” :slight_smile:

LOve it!
Great work buddies!

… I would pay HIDEOUS amounts of money to see Miyazaki do Alice in Wonderland.

Only thing that would make this cooler is if the cat’s smile glowed in the dark…

Finalllyyyy. A shirt that I like so that I can show my support for American Apparel.

that’s what glow in the dark paint is for, Do it yourself.

if the Cheshire Cat is already standing there, then who are they waiting for?

I want this shirt. I want this shirt, but unless the vorpal blade goes snicker-snack and cuts and reforms it into a print on a larger shirt, I will never own it. Consider this: When is a customer not a customer?