Waiting for the suB

Congrats Steven!

It’s called the “suB” because “suB” is a palindrome for “Bus,” right?

Yay! Love it!

Brilliantly expresses the deep boredom + fascinating oddities exposure to public transportation leads to.

I’m not sure which aspect of this shirt I love more: the texting crab, the gadget whore octopus, the sinking body, or the hobo shark. So many great elements here. :slight_smile:

Shirts are $12 now? When did that start?

Hmmm, I just posted a comment and now it’s not showing up. Does anyone know why is costs $12?

I like it; but I don’t think the man being murdered is supplemental or relevant.

Prices on all “featured” shirts are now $12. No more $10 shirts. Cost of printing and upkeep has gone up.

It kind of reminds me of the SpongeBob episode when he had to wait for a bus at the bottom of the ocean and all the other creatures were creepy.

Thanks for the info. Makes me sad. Wonder how much the random shirts are going to cost now.

Thanks. Unrelated, but do you know what happened to the Dark Knight chess shirt that was at the top of the Reckoning? I was going to buy that…

This proves that submitting late to tge derby will not really make a difference when your design is really good. Congratulations! Awesome shirt.

How did this design not win? I told myself no more t-shirts, even before the price went up but this is sweet. I’m in!

Betcha that last guy doesn’t have a sub pass.

Really disappointed that the “Sunken” shirt didn’t make it to the top 3. Great color and placement on it…

Oh well, grats to this artist.

Waiting for the looser cruiser.

So very glad to see this make it to print.
I shall wait to buy it in the reckoning.

Think of it like the clues to $100,000 pyramid for “things you find at the bottom of the ocean”