Waka Wakargyle

Oh that’s great. I always hated the PacMan layout. These corners seem friendlier.

If you wear this, expect to get some double takes!

Nice diamond shape for a fast getaway.

Pac-Man is lookin’ fly in his dapper nom noms :wink:

every gamer should wear this :smiley:

Does this shirt have that cool 3-D effect in person? If so, I may have to add this to my collection.

We got a killshirt coming up!

(nice reference in the write up - I wish they’d get back on the front page one day)

You have to wear this a few times before the bananas and pears appear.

this needs to be a full knit sweater.

Wishing for sweatervest.woot.com!

Great one man- One of my favorite games of all time- (well- MRS. PACMAN anyway)-

I used to have a goal of playing MRS. PACMAN in every state in America. I got to around 34 states… eyeballing old arcades and diners… Maybe I should get back on it! That was such a fun time. heh

Given that Pacman just ate one of the big circles, shouldn’t the ghosts be in their edible state?

Awesome, Best… Argyle… Ever…

As always, this would look great as an actual pattern on a real sweater, but falls short parodying the design of another garment style.


So does shirt.woot not sell sweatshirts anymore?

If this was available in an actual sweater or sweater-vest, I would have bought… strike that, will buy it in a heart beat. Someone needs to get on this.

Alright, ill get the shirt, but I hope I don’t get eaten by ghosts

Based on the other areas of the grid, it looks like he just ate a fruit.

Can someone please turn this awesome design into some dress socks? or just normal socks? or slippers? I feel like it has much more potential in footwear form.