Wakey, Wakey!

Do you prefer a glass or plastic carafe for your French press?

OK. I don’t get it. What’s a vegetable casserole have to do with waking up?

Breakfast casseroles with veggies, perhaps?

Great price on a horribly reviewed coffee maker! (reviews seem to come to a consensus that it leaks coffee)


I know. Reading the positive reviews, it sound like it’s fiddly at best.

To me this is telling, a complaint from Sep. 9 of this year asking about warranty issues.


At the price, I was tempted. But not if it sucks…er leaks.

My Dad is on his second one of these coffee makers. His first one leaked and the issue was the top of the pot. It was replaced and never had another issue. He loves it so much that when something else broke a couple years later he bought another from woot. He also had to have the pot changed out, but he says the benefits of a pot that stays warm all dinner out weighs the inconvenience of changing out the lid with a fixed one.

Your call.

I’m glad I’m not the only one that says “Wakey! Wakey!”. I irritate my son saying that, but I just can’t help it.

Okay, here’s some irony and pertinent information.

The last time Woot was selling the Ami-Matin presses, I bought an 8-cup Peridot colored one. I got shipped a Blue 3 cup. That all got worked out with an email to service.

Pertinent info:
A three cup press is just large enough to make a single 10-12 ounce mug of coffee, with room for cream and sugar.

Perfect size if you’re a one cup sipper. Also extremely good for tea.

I need more coffee than 1 mug provides to keep me from killing people who speak to me before noon, so I immediately bought an 8-cup press from another maker.

What I got was very nice, but the Ami-Matin presses (maybe the other Bonjour’s are the same, I don’t know) have a non-standard press “foot” that is AMAZING at catching grounds, made from wire mesh and silicone. Far better than any other press out there I’ve tried, which all just rely on wire mesh.

A few days ago Amazon had something like a 1 day sale on the Blue, 8-cup Ami-Matin press for about $14. Now they’re like $25 again.

Mine arrived about 15 minutes ago w/ Prime 2-day.

More irony:
Woot mods: Amazon is CURRENTLY selling the black ami-matin 3-cup press for cheaper than you, free shipping w/ Prime. http://www.amazon.com/BonJour-French-Ami-Matin-Unbreakable-Brewing/dp/B003VTZ79Q/

Okay, so there is a special level of inferno reserved for those who dare buy anything with Wolfgang Puck’s name on it.

A coffee maker now?! How is this in any way linked to his career?

That guy would put his name to an industrial sewage treatment plant if it meant a quick buck.

His sellout piranha face on cans of soup/random objects repulse me. Please let his appearance on woot signal his rapid diminishing presence in this world.

Plastic. Some Chinese-made glass one (from Ikea) have been recalled as the metal bands are too tight. When heated, the glass expands and cracks.

Since the Chinese makers sell under other brand names, I don’t trust them to be any different.

@ BonJour Monet French Press 3-Cup

Kopi Luwak… anyone? :slight_smile:

Three cup French Press = why bother?

It’s the perfect size for backpacking and camping aficionados who prefer the French Press method, and because it’s lightweight and made of plastic, it’ll take a lot of rough and tumble handling inside a loaded backpack. Just store ground coffee, sugar, and powdered milk in baggies inside the press when not in use.

Interesting…I too ordered an 8-cup peridot but received a 3-cup blue. Like you, I need more coffee than a 6-8 oz cuppa. I also agree the press/strainer is amazingly good at it’s job - no grounds found in the bottom of the coffee cup.

Was hoping Wakey Wakey would be offering the larger (8 cup) Ami-Matin. Alas

Baked french toast casserole!

OK, when I ordered this back in August and got the 3-cup press, I just figured that I screwed up when ordering. Now, after reading from two of you today that Woot shipped you the wrong one, light bulbs went off in my head. Sure enough, they sent me the wrong one and I paid for the 8-cup press! I’ve emailed them at service@woot.com and hope they will correct this error. It seems rather suspicious that it was not just some random error and that others had the same exact problem … getting a blue 3-cup in lieu of a peridot 8-cup.

Here’s what I wrote:

"Dear Woot,

Normally, I totally love ya. But not today.

When I received the Bonjour Ami-Matin French Press from you in August, I opened the package to find a blue 3-cup model. Now, I am a constantly sleep-deprived momma and so I said to myself, “Gee, I thought I ordered the 8-cup model, but maybe in my usual haze I screwed up and clicked on the wrong item”.

Life moved on.

Fast forward to today, when I was going through the community chatter and saw where someone else posted they ordered the 8-cup peridot french press, but received a 3-cup blue one. Well, light bulbs went off in my head immediately. I checked “STUFF YOU BOUGHT” and sure enough, I had ordered the 8-cup peridot press! Then, wading back through my old emails from you, I double-confirmed the error.

How can we correct this, please?"

~ sleep-deprived widowed momma of three wonderful kids who happen to have multiple disabilities

They refunded me. I am concerned though… now at least two people before you got the wrong order. Shouldn’t SOMEONE at woot have gone through and investigated all the orders? 1 is a mistake, 2 is a symptom of a bigger issue. And here’s #3. How many green 8-cup buyers got a 3-cup blue and didn’t know any better?

You can find the red ami-matin press for under 20 with free shipping on Amazon right now.

“3-cup unbreakable plastic carafe”

I will take you up on that challenge.

My Dad used to wake us in the morning with a good natured bellow “Can you make it?” Every. Single. Morning. Still makes us all laugh. Kinda.