WALIKI Toys Bouncy Horse Hopper

WALIKI Toys Bouncy Horse Hopper

Critical reviews on amazon say the one they got was too small.

Please confirm this is the large version with handles sticking out of the horse’s neck. The first product photo shows the boy on the smaller, age 2-6 version.

Further adding to confusing is the Features tab states ages 5-10, but the photo shows ages 6-10 for the large one. Depending where you look, it’s either 12 inches wide or only 11.5 wide.

Specs say it’s the same size as the Rody Max which supports up to 300 pounds with a saddle height of 15 inches and like 26x26, so I don’t know if they’re really the “same size”. Approximately, maybe…

I sure hope this is the big one, woot. If not, you’ll be hearing from me.

It should be this one:


That worries me…the main photo does not have the handles sticking out of the neck like the large one should have according to the size guide pic. There are two different styles pictured in the reviews.

If the one I get doesn’t look like this:

I will be forced to contact customer support.

I got the correct size and style. Well done woot, you got it right this time.

No way this is for ages 6-10. Basically too small for a 6 year old.