Walkabout Hammock Rainfly (2 Colors)

This seems to me to be a reasonably small tarp, at least as measured from the ridgeline to the sides where they are staked out at the ground.
These aren’t square, and the measurements given (11’ 10" x 9’ 4") are along the diagonals not the edges. Doing the math, the edges seem to be about 7.5’.
I have two models of tarps that I use on my hammocks (both square with slightly catenary cut sides), and one is 8.5’ along the sides, the other is 9’ along the sides. If I am in windy rainy conditions with the 8.5’ tarp, unless I rig it very low so that getting in and out of the hammock is, well, confining, my hammock will get a bit wet.
These are longer along the ridgeline (so over the length of the hammock) than my 8.5’ square tarps by about 6", though.

Sounds like you have nice gear collection going! We made this rainfly so that it would be big enough to cover any hammock on the market, but able to pack small and light. It uses a diamond shape. If you pick one up, we’d love to hear your feedback on how it compares to other square tarps you mentioned.

Thanks for checking us out!

My son and I have these and they are small. They are a great price but small. You need to rig a dripper on the hammock lines and practically wrap the tarp around you to stay dry in windy rain.
I have since purchased another Noah’s Tarp 12 but I still use these depending on our camp set up.
look at the price of a Campmor 6x8, $35!!

I used the one I got from woot several weeks ago and it rained all night two nights. No issues. Worked great. I was using an ENO Double Nest.

I own two of these and they work great if you know how to use them. Hang/pitch them low over the hammock if it’s going to be solidly raining and you’ll keep dry.

Love mine. I may get another. I talked my sister into getting one. I used this for a week long camp out and it survived a few nasty rain storms. I would stow my gear (camp chairs, lanterns stove, etc) under the rainfly when not using the hammock. Worked out real well.

I have been hammock camping for almost 12 years and make most of my own stuff. Tarps aren’t something I have tackled yet, but someday, the sewing machine and I will take on the silnylon I have in the storage bin downstairs…

I mainly camp in the woods, where there is little wind to be concerned about. That means that the rain generally falls straight down, and these tarps would easily cover any hammock.

Recently I have been hanging in a pair of trees at a Scout camp that are much more exposed, and when the wind picks up, rain becomes a concern, because it’s coming in sideways.

Given the limited coverage that my 8.5’ diamond fly gives in those conditions, I am going to pass on this offer from the folks at Woot! and the invitation from the folks at Yukon Outfitters (really nice to see a manufacturer chime in here at Woot!).