Walkabout Hammock Rainfly, Black

I’m new to hammock camping, but this seems a little bit small… Any thoughts out there?

Welcome to the world of hammocking! Our Walkabout Rainfly dimensions are: 11’10" x 9’ 4". This is large enough to cover essentially all camping hammocks on the market, and fits all of our YO hammocks with plenty room to spare.

If you’re new to hammocking, please check the Ultimate Hang to learn some basics. He even did a great review on our Rainfly: http://theultimatehang.com/2015/09/yukon-outfitters-walkabout-rainfly-review/

Thanks for your support and happy hanging!

I’m trying to purchase two of these for the hammocks I just ordered however when I go to check out, the page states that they will not ship to APO addresses. Is this correct or is it a mistake? The main page only states restrictions on shipping to Hawaii and Alaska.

I’m very sorry for the confusion. This item is not available for standard shipping delivery to APO and PO boxes. I will make sure this information is correctly displayed on the features section. Again, I’m very sorry about the confusion. We usually catch little mistakes like this before an event goes live.

I have two of these rain covers. They are too small for my taste. I love all other Yukon Outfitters stuff. Their hanging straps are awesome. I wish they put those on here more often. Their under-quilts and hammocks are awesome. I use a Kelty Noah 9 for rain tarp instead of these for better protection. I did use these Yukon rain tarps for riding out a rainstorm in the back-country(Yellowstone National Park). Just got a little wet on the end of the hammock.

Please list more of your hanging straps on Woot. I would buy more at the $20 price on this site.

I recently purchased the gray rainfly and it works great. I took it camping this weekend. Even in severe thunderstorms, it kept my hammock bone dry. I would highly recommend this to anyone. My only complaint is that he stakes are crap. They bent when i pushed it into the ground.