Walker Edison Folding Adirondack Chair

Walker Edison Folding Adirondack Chair

Hey Woot… If this Wooter’s wood arrives damaged, splintered, cracked or otherwise will not erect, what recourse does this Wooter have with his dysfunctional wood? Free return shipping/pick-up, full refund and/or replacement? Some Mothership reviews indicate quality and shipping issues! Just asking for a friend.

Great question sshott, I had the same last time these were offered but didn’t ask.
I went and checked the two previous offerings on the forum and no complaints about shipping but a couple people said the arms broke off in normal use.

There was a bunch of chatter about these last time they were listed (but I don’t think anyone asked about the return policy):

I had one of mine have an issue with the armrest. I initiated a replacement and am still waiting on it to arrive. I was offered $30 to keep the damaged one. I had also ordered a metal table that came damaged. I was offered $35 to keep that or get a replacement. I opted for the replacement but it came in worse shape than the first one. I set it up to get picked up yesterday and UPS came but didn’t take it. I just called and was told that I have to pay for UPS to pickup items. $15.86 when it used to be a normal service for prepaid RMA’s. Woot customer service is a joke since you have to wait over 24 hours for a response and they don’t bother scrolling down the messages to address issues that you have brought up. Good luck if you buy anything large.

@Wooter72273288 I have not been charged by UPS, they just picked up a return while delivering a box, yesterday, that I set out

As far as CS goes - 6 wks later and I am still trying to get my $ back from returned items and you are right they don’t scroll down.

Just yesterday I had an email from CS asking for pictures and I sent them, the response I rcvd was someone will get back to me in 2 business days - umm, what??

I had them ask for pictures too. I attached them and then it was like the entire process started over except this time they didn’t know what order I was referencing. There should be a live chat or phone number like Amazon. This 24+ hour response time is BS.

@Wooter72273288 I don’t mind the 24 hr CS, that is what I signed up for - what I didn’t sign up for was lack of follow through.

It either goes I don’t have any issues or the damn breaks

Why is their shipping so late? I was told by Woot that they would initially arrive today, now I have 1 arriving in 3 days, I don’t know when the others will arrive…

Hi there. I’m showing all 4 with the same tracking. Let’s wait until it arrives and see what you receive.

Logistics is difficult right now with the shortage of drivers. Lately, most of my Amazon orders are missing their delivery dates.