Walker Edison Folding Adirondack Chair

Walker Edison Folding Adirondack Chair

I have the blue and the Grey and I love them - the colors are great


I must be the only one who cringes when I find this is the seating choice. I find them difficult to get into and out of and the pitch of the lean back feels uncomfortable to me. Maybe I need to spend more time in a good one to realize their virtues. The design is very popular, but not my style of choice.

are the seats wide enough for someone with a larger frame (asking for a friend)

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Usually they’re fine, but I find that you have to watch the weight. The individual slats are prone to breaking if you try to put too much weight on any particular area, or if you try to step on the chair. You need to keep it distributed.

I got 2 of the blue ones. 1 went together like a champ and the other… Not so much. Hubby had to break out his drill because the hole wasn’t deep enough for one of the arms. Also, I thought we, as a human race decided years ago styrofoam sucked… these were covered in the little bits that came off during shipping, which sucked. But once they were together… So comfy! I love these!


I bought two gray ones. The first one went together great. The second one had a slat broken before removing from the box. I have reached out to Walker Edison Support, but I may need Woot Support if Walker Edison is not responsive.

I have wasted my time so you do not have to. I ordered 4 of the white chairs and I could tell by the weight and feel that they are pine or spruce, not acacia wood and wouldn’t hold up in outdoor weather very long. There were knots and cracks in the back and seat slats that were puttied and then stained over. The screw hole for one of the arm rests did not line up properly. There are pressure dents in the soft wood that the chair is made from These are manufacturer seconds being sold as first quality products.

The return process through Woot has been a nightmare so far. I have had to call 4 times in less than 24 hours plus call UPS myself to get correct information.

I was so excited to finally get the Adirondack chairs I have always wanted and this has been nothing but a great big disappointment.

Bought two… very disappointed with the quality… at a 150 bucks each one would think it would be good… Wood is thin and pine. Color is a very thin coat… it will not last… So it will need a fresh coat of weatherproof paint AND Thompsons Water seal to withstand the outdoors here in Northern Indiana… Also I’m already tracing the outline of many of the parts on thicker better quality wood. This is a template to build a better chair… Better wood and better engineering… Hmm I may have a business plan here… Buy these and you will be impressed only if you have never experienced a true Adirondack chair. Otherwise… I suggest a hard pass… I took one for the team here…