Walker Wrangler

Walker, Texas Ranger?

If anyone could ride an AT-AT…

That was the first thing I thought of when I saw this.


The size of the ranger vs the Size of an AT-AT.

If an AT-AT walker stands 22.5 meters (73.8188976377 feet) tall and 20 meters (65.6167979002 Feet)in length then this guy would have to be bigger than Walker Texas Ranger who only stood 1.778 meters (5.833333333333333 Feet) and you might think “oh then maybe he is Pecos Bill or Paul Bunyan” Paul was only 2.1336 Meters (7 feet) tall while Pecos was a normal man that was larger than life but still standing at normal height source needed for height I tried but couldn’t find it

Clearly this guy is almost as tall as the walker he rides.

the only thing that can come close to the height of the guy riding this AT-AT is … praise be to Odin… an Ice Giant…

Standing at 6.096 meters tall (20 feet) it is clearly the only possible solution.

Where is Odin when you need him ???

Shhh. It’s only a model.
/unrelated reference.