WalkyDog Plus Bicycle Leash

**Item: **WalkyDog Plus Bicycle Leash
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Never seen anything like the bicycle leash. I would think that unless you are both at the same speed, it would be easy for the dog to get choked up or something. Anybody have any experience with these?

Seems to me that it is a really bad idea to tie your dog to your bike. There should be come kind of auto-release or something. What if the dog falls down? What if you fall over with your bike? It would scare me to use one of these. Just sayin’

I purchased one of these 3 years ago cause my dog was tearing up my furniture.

Works great. Adjustable leash lengths (removable springs, you can replace the cord yourself in an easy DIY to increase or shorten the length).

I loved it so much, I bought a second one to run both my dogs at the same time (even tried both on one bike; it worked!).

I highly recommend this item. My dogs get their exercise, I get a nice ride on my bicycle, and my couches don’t get destroyed.


I have never been pulled off track by my dogs-- even when I ran them both at the same time. Once you start moving, their instinct is to follow. If anything, they’ll pull you forward more than they will pull you to the side.

Let’s take a look at this very helpful dog leash buyers guide

Then you have never had your dog stop to take a crap while on a bike ride. Getting your hand tugged while holding the leash is a lot better than going over the handlebars.

Really bad idea. Around here a bike rider who was walking his dog caused an elderly person to trip and hit her head and she died. Please think about it before you head for the trail with this thing. Be careful.

What about skateboards? Obviously I don’t mean attaching it to the board (that would be impossible), but I mean would it be ok to just hold it while I skate?

I have a purebred Husky who (obviously) loves to run and is very unpredictable on walks. I like the idea of skating because I can just step off at any time if he pulls too much. But apparently this should render his tugging a lot less effective, correct? Or should I just use this for biking only?

Wish I’d bought this off Woot rather than full price! But yes I’ve used it successfully for my 18-lb chihuahua/terrier mix. I take him for a walk first to let him poop, THEN go for some exercise. I think it’s good for dogs have a warm-up too. :wink: Surprising how dogs learn that walk time is for sniffing/peeing/pooping, and getting hooked to the bike is EXERCISE time. He loves it, and the way it holds him away from my bike means I don’t have to worry about running him over. Just pay attention and stop if your buddy’s getting too tired.

I think both this and a regular leash should be fine while skateboarding as long as your Husky isn’t pulling you from his collar. If you want to let him pull, make sure to get a pulling harness or you can severely damage his throat. If he is just running next to you, go for it! But don’t let him pull without the proper equipment. Take a look at urbanmushing.com to get an idea of what a pulling harness looks like. Have fun!

This product advertises “no training” involved. That has not been my experience with my dogs. There’s definitely a learning curve if your dog has never ran along side a bike…isn’t trained to ignore things that interest it (squirrels, rabbits…) and can hold going to the bathroom until YOU say it’s time. Also it should go without saying – don’t use a choke collar on your dog while using this product.

Or you’ve never had a dog with a high prey drive that sees a squirrel running in close proximity to you…:confounded:

This alone makes me want to buy this item

“No training for your or your dog needed”

Which is how my dad ended up unconscious with a broken arm while biking with a dog.

Talk about keeping your dog on a short leash…

Wow, that is so sad! But I can see it happening - bike riders swoop up on people and never warn them, and if you’ve got a dog running at your side, you’re taking up a lot of a trail or a path. Then some dogs can swerve off path or make a loop and it’s a disaster like you describe.

yeah, until something pops out they want to chase and then they aer off to the races and your butt will be on the ground…

Yeah, this would probably be great for my lab, would absolutely not trust my coonhound on it though.

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