Wall Control Galvanized Steel Pegboard Kits

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Wall Control Galvanized Steel Pegboard Kits
Price: $44.99 - 79.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 business days (Tuesday, Jun 17 to Friday, Jun 20) + transit
Condition: New


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Here are some comments from a previous Wall Control sale:


One question, though. The specs for the 400 say that it includes mounting hardware, but the specs for the 200 don’t mention mounting hardware. Does the 200 have mounting hardware or not?

Here’s the real question: Pegboard vs Tool cabinet? Or both?

I’ve always used pegboards, but thinking about it now, having tools in an 1 20 drawer tool chest makes a lot of sense. No dust and easier to find things and put things away if each drawer is labeled.

This is a tough one, I just had a new workshop built… To buy or not to buy?

The last time they were on sale-I purchased the max number of 3 panel kits to replace old pegboard and shelving. They were quick and easy to install, especially with two people. They mount securely to the joist.

I ended up buying a few more panels and large hook/pegboard shelves to connect with these. I lined nearly all the walls of my garage, including behind my workbench.

The screwdriver holder keeps all my drivers in arms reach above my bench. The bins are perfect for nails and screws. They included small shelves with a power strip makes a perfect charging station for cordless drills and screwdrivers, and rechargeable batteries.

Overall, I am happy with these and would recommend. They are sturdy, and look great hanging in my garage. They are better than the pegboard and shelves they replaced.

Shelves look nice. 2 shelves are 22.50 each and 3 shelves are 26.66 each…hmmmmmmm. Seems smarter to buy 2 of the 2 shelf units for only 10 bucks more. Like getting a free shelf. jus sayin.

Just a heads up that these panels can’t be turned on their sides (which fit my situation better). Some accessories have slotted “pegs” that can only fit in one direction. I didn’t realize this until I opened the shelf & bins & saw that they were slotted. So, the bins & shelf were a bit of a waste for me.

Bought these the last time they were on woot. Really like them alot. For the casual homeowner who wants to organize themselves and their tools they are great. I bought two of the 2 panel ones. The three panel ones you do get more of the “hardware” such as shelves hooks etc. but in my opinion just spend a little under $100 for two of the 2 shelf and you can cover a pretty big area. They came with mounting hardware the last time. They look great and easy to install. Overall very happy and made some of my friends jealous. More expensive than pegboard? Yes a little but looks so much better so it all depends on what you are going for.

These things are great. We use them in our kitchen to organize our pots and pans and one panel holds all my cast iron (small, medium, and ludicrous) without any problems at all. They have a curtain rod holder thing that we ran a dowel across and have hanging storage as well. I might have to get two more cause that’s how much space we have on our walls.

BEWARE. Although I’ve had great luck with WOOT over the past couple of years, it turns out that their ‘Customer Service’ is a big black hole. I bought 2 mattress toppers last month. One arrived a week ago and it’s great. The other one was apparently shipped to someone in Georgia (I’m in NC)according to their own tracking data. UPS has even provided me with the name of the person in Georgia who signed for my box. 3 messages to customer service over the past week have gone unanswered. No response of any sort. I can’t call since Woot doesn’t provide any phone support. BEWARE. The prices are great, but when things go south, you are out of luck.

It does indeed! Thank you for pointing that out, we’ve fixed the specs to note that.

I’m sincerely sorry about that, I’ll contact CS on your behalf to try to figure out what’s going on.

I bought two of these from woot previously and I really like them. Some small issues: regular pegboard pegs with the plastic retaining clips don’t work well in these. The metal is a lot thinner than the fiberboard panels and the retention clips just don’t work. However, any of the pegboard accessories that attach in multiple spots (such as screwdriver hangers, longer peg hooks with two contact points, shelf brackets, etc.) work well. I ended up buying an extra set of hooks from amazon, which are a lot more pricey than the standard hooks, but they work so much better.