Wall Control Pegboard Tool Storage Kit

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Wall Control Pegboard Tool Storage Kit
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Three great reviews (4.7 out of 5.0) over at homedepot.com and let’s learn more about installation


All of your questions answered on the FAQ

Wayfair has a couple of great reviews

Pegboards… Humph, Wimps!

Real men use the cardboard box method, “It’s in the big box in the middle and it should be about half way to the bottom under the grinder”.

I bought this when Woot had them a while back, but only two boards. I like them and they do the job. They were easy to hang and designed to be the standard width of most studs, but they also include anchors.

I suppose I’ll be the first one to chime in with a negative on these.

Unfortunately the hooks that they utilize for these guys have considerable play and move a bit. Their solution to this was to provide what amount to O-rings to place on the backing of the hooks. While that helps a bit, it doesn’t completely solve the problem. It was more of an afterthought when folks brought this to the manufacturers attention and complained, so instead of revisiting their design, they gave a cheap bandaid that doesn’t really solve the problem.

Having said that - they’re still quite usable, but because of the play that’s there from time to time you will inadvertently pull a hook out.

I think you’re just supposed to bend back the little tabs on the hooks until they are snug with the panels to keep the hooks stable. That is what the directions in mine said and they work fine and fit tight like that. I don’t think they use the O-Rings anymore because all of the hooks now have these little tabs.

I should definitely get one of these so I have somewhere to put my books and coffee mug.

I don’t know the difference between the 400GVB and the 400GB (Gray/Black), offered through Amazon is. But, it’s $116.00 with nine 5*s reviews.

Maybe the GVB means Galvanized/ Black?

$80 seems like a lot for mounting tools when you can just get some 1/2" plyboard and a box of 1" wood screws for half that - and no issue with the hooks having any play!

Has anyone install this in a small kitchen for pots/pans/kitchen tools etc?

I don’t know for sure, but I think GVB is galvanized steel with black hooks, meaning it is the galvanized steel metallic color. Whereas the GB is a gray color (powder coated gray? - not metallic) with black hooks.

Usually someone asks if this can be mounted horizontally. The answer is yes and no. If you did, you would not be able to use the slots, but you could still use the round holes. However, I noticed that Wall Control got smart and they make a horizontal one now. Here is a link…


Unfortunately, these are not made to be mounted for 24 on center. I wonder why, as most states building codes specify 24" on center studs for non living spaces, such as a garage.

Of course, I’d mention that if the wall you plan to mount this on butts up to a living room, dining room, and the like…then you’d have no problems. Better yet; use a stud finder and make sure before you start.

Just hung the first set (I bought two) up last night - I like the design a lot and I already had old school masonite pegboard, so my stuff’s already on it with the old 1/4" hooks in addition to what it comes with. The design for mounting it to the wall lets you use the entire board for hooks, unlike with masonite pegboard, where holes are blocked by the wood used to mount it on the wall.

The design of the hooks is better than standard pegboard hooks - they’re not going to come out just by taking things on and off, and also the design uses space on the board more efficiently than regular hooks. There is some play in the hooks as-is, but the instructions tell you how to bend the tabs to make them more stable. I’m not seeing this as a problem as they’re more stable than the regular peg hooks anyway.

I also really like the shelf design as well as the plastic bins and mounts.

The one thing I didn’t like is the screwdriver holder which seems awkward. Not much of a drawback though.

As for the mounting width, it’s 16", which works for the studs in my workshop. However they do provide drywall mounting hardware, and there are 6 mounting holes. If you use all 6 and esp. if you mount one side to a wall stud, you should be just fine. If you’re worried about the weight, buy heavier duty drywall anchors and use those, but most people won’t need that.