Wall Control Workbench Pegboards

Not exactly a ‘deal’.

Northern Tool $169.

Home Depot 16 x 32 $16 x 6 = $96

Or you could just get actual pegboard for even cheaper

Perfect Reviews over at Wayfair

Wall Control 2 pack @ Home Depot $35 x 3 = $105

I think the difference is that these come with Wall Control’s pricey accessories and the panels from Home Depot and Northern Tool don’t, they’re just panels.

That’s not anywhere near enough to make this a purchase for me. Remember the days when Woot meant a bargain?

Actually, Home Depot sells this exact bundle of pegboard and accessories, for $229. So this is $40 cheaper on woot.

Edit: Ninja’d by verbivore with a better link.

Looks like what’s offered here is more similar to two of these: http://www.homedepot.com/p/Wall-Control-4-ft-Metal-Pegboard-Standard-Tool-Storage-Kit-with-Galvanized-Toolboard-and-Red-Accessories-30WRK400GVR/202477914, which at $130 each, makes this roughly 25% off. I’d call that a bargain.

Unfortunately, this is still a bit too pricey for me to bite on right now. Maybe it’ll come back in a year or so when I’m in my new house and have a place where I can put something like this.

I have a nice pegboard setup in my basement workshop and my utility shed. I don’t believe it cost more than $100 total for the boards an accessories.

The only thing you’re paying for with the board listed here is the convenience that you don’t have to piece together your own accessories.

In keeping with the theme of “just buy pegboard for cheaper,” I bought all kinds of hooks at the dollar store. I was impressed by their selection and, hey, it’s a buck.

Considering that they’re just bent-up metal rods or simple plastic, I haven’t seen downsides other than visiting the sad circus that is the “dollar store.”

I have seen golf tees work in a pinch. That doesn’t work for me because I don’t golf and I’m of higher class. :slight_smile:

I just wanna know, who gets to keep all those tools after the photo shoots for those pics!

Obviously you can buy normal peg board and pegs for much cheaper. However they won’t be nearly as strong, nor will they be nearly as durable.

Clearly you can keep replacing cheap peg board as it falls apart and still come out on top money wise.

If you want boards that look great, will last forever with near zero maintenance, and can hold 10x more weight than standard peg boards then these kits are fantastic.

Comparing normal peg board to these is similar to comparing a dresser in target made of particle board to one made of all wood made by hand. The price difference is the quality of the material received.

I think I’ll just buy some blue spray paint and improve the look of the cheap peg board…

Nothing wrong with that. Some people like things that look cheap and don’t mind replacing it over and over. Myself I prefer to mount it, and never worry about it again.

What are you doing to your pegboard? Mines been in the garage for ~15 years and I have stuff hanging ALL OVER it and its probably 10’Wx5’H

When I had normal peg board, I didn’t trust the strength when I loaded it up with a ton of weight. I can load these up with hundreds of pounds of items and there is no concern. Also I like how the hooks have basically no movement in these systems.

Finally it seemed after very humid days the board started to bow.

In another life, I lived in New Orleans, and it was so humid that the cheap pegboard would begin to delaminate from the edges inward. Never had anything fall off, but I would have jumped on this, as I did replace the flaky board. And left the Big Easy for the small mountains.

It’s also in-line with the Akro-Mils louvered panel system. That was $40 per 35" x 19" panel + storage boxes. It would be $240 if you bought 6, though you’d have a lot more storage boxes: http://tools.woot.com/offers/storage-bin-louvered-panel-choose-your-size

How’s the packaging? I can see this finally arriving three weeks from now, only to find that $SHIPPER has dropped it on the corner, bending every panel.

Are the peg holes at the edge where two boards meet usable, or will there be an unusable seam every couple feet?

I have a number of these boards. I can, without hesitation, say that the accessories for the slot sections are substantially stronger than standard pegboard. They’re also much more expensive.

I have, in a different places, various of these systems (including standard fiberboard pegboard and Alligator board). The Wall Control systems are the best of the lot.

You’ll want to use the slot accessories because regular pegboard items tend to be made to use the .25"-ish of depth that fiberboard has and that metal pegboard never does. Unless you’re using special hardware, long hooks will “droop” ever so slightly. Not generally enough to matter, but it’s there.

All that being said, I agree with robbinsf23. There are decidedly cheaper ways to do pegboard storage. That doesn’t diminish the fact that this stuff is bad ass and, if properly installed, will almost certainly outlast us all.