Wall Decal Murals From UltraMurals

Say I were to buy two different pictures. Put one up for one half of the year and then put the other up for the second half of the year. Is it possible to reuse the first one again? I would roll it up and store it.

Hi, I’m Matt from UltraMurals. You can absolutely easily take these up and down dozens of times without any issue at all. Just make sure that you save the backing paper for storage and that the mural is placed on a clean surface. The photo-quality material we use is the best there is after testing everything on the market.

I remember the first time I saw a six foot mural. It was 1988, I was 18 years old, and the mural of a beautiful forest was one of the coolest things this small-town girl had ever seen. I wanted one, but I wanted to put it on a wall that I owned, not rented. What awesome timing! I close on the purchase of my house on Monday, and I can’t describe how happy I am to make this dream a reality.
Thanks Woot!

How do these “Stick” to the wall ?
Is there any residue left behind ?
I live in an apartment and can’t damage the wall.

The murals have an adhesive backing but they are completely safe for your walls. We have had customers safely move their murals after being up for years and put them up in another location.

Great, thanks for the info.
Its interesting they leave nothing on the wall after being up for years.

There is a slight adhesive but it’s intended to be able to be taken up and down dozens of times without losing its tack. At most if it leaves any sort of residue after years in place (which i have not encountered) it should come off rather easily with a damp towel.

Have you ever thought about doing a wheat field?

I believe we have something like that in our library, if the sale is popular I will keep that in mind for the future!

Do these stick to textured surfaces?

Hello. I am trying to get a better sense of the size of these. Is the 6’ the height or the width?
Never mind, I found the answer.

For the most part the material will stick but it depends on how textured the surface is. They will definitely go up fine on any basic painted wall. I wouldn’t try and put it up specifically on brick as it is very porous and doesn’t make a good surface for an adhesive. The material is adhesive but not so much so that it can’t be easily removed.

Hey does anyone know where that extremely stylish shelf in the product picture is from?