Wall Decor - You Choose from 3 Styles

**Item: **Wall Decor - You Choose from 3 Styles
Price: $9.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Condition: New

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Check out these comments on the pears back when they were sold in May

Check out these comments on the wall plaques when they were sold in June

I bought the pears two weeks ago, the plaque really is nicer than it looks here. The only thing is I paid $14.99 for it. Should have waited.

I am suddenly reminded of Bill Swerkski’s Super Fans…

“Hey Bill? Which o’ these wall dec’rations you think the wife’d like?”

“Da Pears.”

These have to be the ugliest Woot ever. The plaques are hideous; the pears ridiculous; the spikes and balls, only about 40 years out of date. But then again, everything old is new again, right?

I’ll pass.

Nahh… get them as a housewarming gift for someone you don’t care for very much…

Hmmm - price says $9.99 but when I added one to my cart is says $19.99 for the dot design. Which is it??

The Woot is $7.99-$19.99, depending upon item. Once you click on the one you want, the price above it will reflect its cost. My computer says the “dots” are $19.99. (The pears are $7.99, and the wall plaques are $9.99.)

Fantastic deal! I can’t pass up the gold & brown squares for my kitchen. They’ll coordinate perfectly with the harvest gold appliances and dark brown Formica counter. Unsure if the orange Tupperware canister set will clash. Still searching for the giant size wood fork & spoon wall “art”.

I purchased the Pears. I think it was a great purchase at a great price.