Wall Murals - Bring the Outdoors Indoors

Why doesn’t anyone make a mural with a view of the golden gate from SF.

With this one I’d be living in oakland. No thanks.

What is the size of these murals?

The mural sizes are listed in the features. :slight_smile:

Can anyone please tell me who makes these? I would like to see if they make any other ones.


welcome back, 1970s.

Anyone know how these are to be put on the wall.

The features specify “Paste included”, which makes it sound like they need to be pasted up rather than self-sticking (or being removable/replaceable).

Whoever did designwork for the “Earth Moon” image ignored that even when the visible side of a planet is only partially illuminated, it’s still a sphere and you can’t see stars through the dark part.

Komar makes these, this is their website.


Yay thank you for your help!!

Anyone know how big this would be put together?

There isn’t a ‘Features’ tab on Land’s End.

US site is http://www.brewsterwallcovering.com/wall-murals.aspx

US site is http://www.brewsterwallcovering.com/wall-murals.aspx

Are these removable, or able to be made so (without the whole steamer and scraper ordeal)? I live in an apartment that has huge blank walls, but also a picky landlord. I can’t find anything on their site about the permanency of the murals.

I’m not even sure that’s Earth we’re looking at. I can’t recognize any of the landmasses you barely see towards the bottom.

Looking at the HOW TO on the site linked above, I’m gonna go with permanent wallpaper.

It’s the east coast of Africa. And the red sea, and Saudi Arabia are on the left

Wow. They really did a number on the stars in that mural. The blue shifted ones look totally fake. I guess it’s all artistic license, but a photo like that doesn’t need any enhancements IMO.

Lol, my aunt had the paradise one in their family room. I remember pretending it was a swamp.