Wall Murals

Are these easy to remove? Re-stickable?

From a quick look around Amazon, it would appear that this stuff is essentially wallpaper. So, it wouldn’t be advisable if you rent/want to change them out quickly and easily.

It makes me sad, since I’d love to get one but we rent.

Exactly. I have seen some that advertise being reusable, but I still worry when renting.

“Paste Included”. Yeah, this is wall paper, not the static re-useable stuff that has become so popular. Some nice scenes, and I would definitely consider otherwise.

Anyone have pictures of their actual install? These have been on woot a few times and it would be nice to see a non-enhanced image.

Does anyone know the exact dimensions of the wall mural? I don’t want to buy it if it’s too small or too long.

I, too, would really appreciate if I could see what it looks like installed in a real picture to see if it comes anywhere as close to the idealized demo pic. (because if it does, I could see buying several for different rooms)

I bought a different one of these a few months ago from Woot! I installed it on the garage wall in our vacation home. When I open the door to leave people on foot and in their cars stop and say how great it looks. I’d post a photo, but can’t figure out how.

Click on your desired mural. Dimensions are listed under “Features”.

My Dad mounted one of these on plywood panels and hung it on the wall. It looked fantastic–and was easily relocated/moved if needed.

If you look near the top of the thumbnail image, you’ll see they have this wallpaper going across a hallway opening.