Wall Murals

Does anybody know how these hang?

I believe it is just like hanging wallpaper.

Here is a link to a comment on Amazon detailing the procedure.

You should make the size difference more clear. You have the smaller one - that silly French tower thing as the main image. Most people are going to see that as the scale. That is the smaller one. Put the sizes on the front page. Only reason I figured it out was b/c of the price difference and I was curious as to why…

Once stuck to the walls…how do you remove these if needed? Do they peel off or do you scrape them off?

Agreed, because I saw the 12ft. and thought this will never fit in my tiny bedroom… but the 8ft. one would.

Damn. I saw one I really liked and then saw that the size is HUGE.

I wish it was like wall-poster sized so I could frame it or something.


You may not have to use all of it, or not all in one room.

The description for Meander… I’d love a garden full of those.

This photorealistic mural fills a whole wall with fresh blossoming roses in a romantic palette of pink and peach. Each flower is unique, in various states of bloom, for a lush, almost fragrant beauty

I know the event has expired but I just want to know how much the penthouse mural costed