Wall Pixels and (W)Right Angle Neutrality


*My ticket into the Shirts on Sale Sad Rat Race

Once you get your shirt, why don’t you post a pic?

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Wall Pixels | (W)Right Angle Neutrality

Count me out. I’d buy the shirts but would feel bad about driving shirt.woot out of business.

Whoa my wish for you both came true. I got mine. Awesome deal. Thanks woot and congrats to cheese and kristen!

Two shirts for $10… I get cheese’s and wife gets KLS’s… thanks woot!

So will this be the first time in shirt.woot history where third place sells better than second and second sells better than first?

Congrats, cheese and kls. :slight_smile:

I, strangely enough, actually really liked both of these shirts… go figure.

Congrats on the win(s)! :slight_smile:

I love shirt ties! I love the right angle one, and I could see the other growing on me. Great job designers!

congrats cheese and kls!

Zomg. 2 for 1, and thus I make my first shirt.woot purchase!

I couldn’t be happier, these are the two I’d wanted to buy to begin with. Congrats artists.

2 for 1…gotta love it!

BTW, the last time shirt.woot did a 2 for 1 it sold out in about 40 minutes, so if you’re on the fence, get it now.

Well I loved the Wall Pixels so I was buying regardless but I had a feeling it would tie. Guess what this means woot? I now have gotten 3 tied shirts from you. YAY! I love it when I get shirts for $10 but its even better getting 2 for $10. Congrats to the people who made the shirts.

Congrats to the both of you (and those buyers who are getting a 2 for 1).

bought two, i mean one. i like the asphalt one better.

I set my alarm to wake up and woot on the chance there would be a twofer… SCORE!

Phew… I was worried Wall Pixels might not make it. In for 1!!!

Congrats to the designers. I love these.

Success! I was really hoping for kls’ shirt to be printed, and this deal is even better! I can see the blue growing on me eventually, although I’m not a huge fan of blue, it’s still a great design. I loved this derby. Got my order it.

Congrats, you two!

Yay! I love both these shirts and will be proudly sporting them in say October when they arrive!

Good thing I forgot to vote this week or there may not have been a tie :slight_smile: