Wallace 18/10 92Pc Flatware Set-2 Styles

**Item: **Wallace 18/10 92Pc Flatware Set-2 Styles
Price: $99.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard OR $10 Two-Day OR $14 One-Day
Condition: New

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Read all about the differences in Flatware Quality

Short version: 18/10 is the good stuff that should hold its luster much longer.

I very happy with the Wallace Blane Flatware that I bought from woot a few weeks ago.

Just shy of absolutely loving it.

I was able to get rid of the “hodge podge” of flatware that I used to have.

The rep described the flatware as “mid-heavier weight”. I would have preferred the “ultra heavy weight”.

Cannot speak to the weight of either of the sets offered today.

Flatware is something that you have to “hold in your hand”, to really evaluate.

Given the very good price of my previous purchase, I most probably would have made my purchase, even if I physically saw the set prior to purchasing.

Well lets look at other places. Overstock has both sets for sale, but only one (positive) review. Other Wallace sets have limited reviews, but overall run 4.5-5 stars. Given that this is 18/10, not too shabby.

Wallace Whitney, $159.99

Wallace Parker, $159.99

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As usual when we have a sample, I felt these up for you guys. Holding the knife, I’d say med-heavy. It had a good heft to it but not overly heavy. It had a nice balance to it as well.

Holler if you have questions and I’ll grab the samples.

Buyers beware.

The last “18/10” set I bought from woor was not “18/10” at all. There was no “18/10” stamp on the flatware or anywhere on the box.
Also - terrible customer service.
I requested a RMA and they want me to pay back shipping for an item they lie about.

The customer support rep who goes by Daniel asks me to:
“Can you please provide documentation that states the product is not 18/10 so that we may address this issue?”
So they ask the customer to provide documentation for the product they sell.

[MOD: We just verified with the vendor of the set you purchased. It’s definitely 18/10 just as we stated. It’s just not stamped. Other sites on the Interwebz also say it’s 18/10.]

This is 18/10. I lugged both VERY HEAVY boxes to my desk to shoot this pic.

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Thanks, I forgot to check I had done it right from memory!

And thanks for feeling stuff up for us, too!

“felt these up for you…”



It looks like the forks and spoons on the Parker might be heavier than the Whitney based on the thickness of the handles. The handles on the Whitney look pretty narrow. Is this correct? Do the Parker forks and spoons feel heavier? Is there a weight listed on the boxes for each style that you could share?

Actually, two of played with the forks of both and we thought the Whitney felt a tiny bit heavier. The neck was about the same on both but the Whitney has a bit more weight on the end because of the wider handle. I’m talking a negligible difference here though. I didn’t get a feel for any quality difference between the two.

And no weight listed on the boxes. Again, any weigh difference is negligible.