Wallace 45pc Flatware Set-2 Styles

Customers at Overstock.com are hot and cold with the continental classic

That’s the 18/0 set. We are selling the 18/10 set. Much better.

Set on Overstock is 18/0. The issue seems to be that it’s advertised as 18/10 (same here?)

[MOD: Ours are 18/10. See actual box image above.]

Them there hammered forks, spoons and knives look awfully perty!!!

I understand the the need for a small spoon but I never understand the need for a small fork, it seems the small fork lobby is very powerful in the cutlery industry and hence we dutifully trot out 5 piece settings.

In for 1 set, I love 18/10.

Salad fork. I remember that what my parents gave me to use when I was young but beyond the kiddie fork. I did the same with my son.

Agreed that 18/10 is better quality, but does Wallace seriously sell a “Continental Classic 45 Piece” set in 18/0 and another “Continental Classic 45 Piece” set in 18/10? That’s id1otic from a product branding point of view. (or perhaps that’s why they ended up on Woot!)?
The Overstock site actually has both 18/0 and 18/10 listed in different places in the specs for the same product but at least one reviewer confirmed that the actual pieces they received from Overstock were stamped 18/0, while the Woot! packaging photo above clearly says 18/10. So it does sound like Wallace may have actually produced the same set in two different variations at some point.

124.99 at macys.com


Bought the classic set about a month ago here for $80. I’m very impressed with them thus far. They feel very high-quality. They’re heavy, the tines on the fork don’t bend easily, and the finish is brilliant. I’m happy I went with these rather than the cheaper sets at box stores that sell for about the same price.

Note, however, that this silverware is BIG. The salad forks are the same size as the traditionally-sized dinner fork, and the soup spoons are as big as traditionally-sized serving spoons.

After getting burned by Woot on a flatware purchase that was sold at a substantial discount shortly thereafter, I’d hesitate to buy anything again from this site.

Thanks, rockdave, for a quality comment. This information is what allowed me to make a decision rapidly (I’m out, unfortunately, b/c I’m sized smaller than average).

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I bought the hammered set a while ago and am very pleased with them. They look great and I have not had any issues with them rusting or looking dull. I would recommend them

For those (like me) that didn’t get the “measuring in teaspoons” reference. The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock - Wikipedia

Wish this coordinated with my existing set, as my kids have lost nearly all of my teaspoons.

From the Overstock page:


A bit confusing.

Where are these made? China?

Seriously, Woot? Look at that sales map: Minnesota! Every time I buy a T-shirt, MN is always one of the biggest buyers. We are the #1 state for this sale, which I was happy to take advantage of. When is there going to be a local.woot for the Twin Cities? We’re making you rich - you should give a little back!

Thankyou for providing the picture of a box. However it leads me to wonder why it wasn’t posted on the sale page as WOOT used to do with a majority of their sales? Also if this is why WOOT is selling them on clearance, due to mislabeled boxes, as was opined previously

Yes, they are made in China.